"no any walls adept songwriting rings truer and truer in our ever-distressed world... there is solace and encouragement to be found in such earnest representations of our shared struggles, hopes and anxieties."

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New EP and Winter Tour 

Heavy On Earth (EP) releases January 2, followed by a 9 WEEK TOUR (Jan. 3 - Mar. 3). ***Join the Mailing List to keep track of shows near you, see new videos, and get the album. Please share with anyone you think might be interested. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of new & familiar faces this winter!

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Carriage House

Carriage House, Blacksburg, VA 24060

ANTI-MVP FUNDRAISER and ART SHOW!!! Tired of MVP getting there way? Well, this show isn't really going to stop them, BUT we CAN support some of those brave folks who have been the biggest thorns in MVP's tree-felling side. Proceeds from tonight are going to help Red and other tree sitters/members of the resistance pay for court fees, other bullshit, etc. The night will include MUSIC, LOCAL ART/T-SHIRT SALES, LOCAL FOOD, DRUNKEN BOOK READINGS, MVP INFORMATION, CHANCES TO VOLUNTEER, COMRADESHIP, PERFECT WEATHER, INTERESTING CONVERSATIONS, and maybe a foot massage if you're really generous.

Please bring cash and your well-cultured taste! There's gonna be a LOT of original art and tasty food to buy! PM host for directions if you haven't been before. Parking along adjacent streets (Harding Rd, Eakin St., etc.) and please carpool.

Woodgrove: lo-fi buzz from la VA. Handy with his hands too. Don't leave no gas cans around or they may become guitars. I'm real excited for this! https://www.facebook.com/justwoodgrove/ https://justwoodgrove.com/

Marble Berry Seeds: attack folk punk from the bbbburg. Tried to get them to play before, but some dogs just showed up instead. Bout damn time is all I'm saying. https://www.facebook.com/marbleberryseeds/ https://marbleberryseeds.bandcamp.com/

Mama Joy Rising: soulful folk outta Floyd. Here's a voice that rises rises and settles with the early morning mountain mist. Wherever she goes, she brings Appalachia with her. https://www.facebook.com/pg/WholeLottaJoy/about/?ref=page_internal https://mamajoyrising.wixsite.com/mamajoyrising

No Any Walls: visceral neo-folk from these hills. Formerly a founding member of Eternal Summers, No Any Walls embarks on a new journey that will touch you in places you didn't know you had. https://www.facebook.com/NoAnyWalls/ https://noanywalls.com/

Homebody: fresh cross-folk duet #localtwang. Formed by Kevin Wood of Solo Basura and Sydney Darden of, like, 50 other bands (The Wild Carrots, Huckleberry Pie, um... others...), Homebody will probably craft delicious harmonies and will likely entrance you with aggressively delicate acoustic arrangements.