Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, tirelessly collecting stories and experiences in prose and sound. A native Texan, he has spent over a decade fighting for a sense of place and purpose in the rural mountains of southwest Virginia. His songs are hard-won tales of struggle, poverty, and love lost, as well as existential contemplations of all the above. A founding member of Virginia-based bands Eternal Summers, Mommies, Disappearers' Collective, Little Quick Heart, and a contributing member to Dark Hills and Viola's Heartful. Featured along with his family and farm in the film Some Beasts.


New EP and Winter Tour

Heavy On Earth (EP) releases January 2, followed by a 9 WEEK TOUR (Jan. 3 - Mar. 3). ***Join the Mailing List to keep track of shows near you, see new videos, and get the album. Please share with anyone…

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A Linear Painting In Time_oolipop 001 & 002

Finally, a proper release for a favorite collection of songs! Originally intended as an exercise in finding my bearings and setting a trajectory as an artist, I've now completed six companion videos to match the lo-fi aesthetic and broaden…

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Recording EP

I've got the Tascam dusted, and every obsolete mixer I could find crowding me out of the one room in our house that has a door to close. New EP for the new year..

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