"no any walls adept songwriting rings truer and truer in our ever-distressed world... there is solace and encouragement to be found in such earnest representations of our shared struggles, hopes and anxieties."

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Sub-Zero #TinyDeskContest Video-Shoot 

A great friend and amazing artist, Liz Mead @Tippy_Southcloud came to visit and collaborate this weekend. The cold wind never stopped blowing, but neither did the tea kettle ever stop boiling (and now our video makes it's way to the desk of Bob Boilen). We kept as warm as we could with ginger and honey, going back and forth from the studio to the wood stove, on opposite ends of our drafty blue farmhouse. We must have played 10 hours worth of the 2 songs we had on our creative agenda. After losing all of our files from day 1, we extended our session through Sunday. All for the better! My always supportive family migrated once again to warmer micro-climates (relatives' homes with central heating), leaving us to shoot our #TinyDeskContest video. We chose the song "Hand of My Master" from the forthcoming EP, Heavy On Earth. It is a contemplative pilgrimage exploring spiritual boundaries in relation to our limitations vs. being protected for our own good. Liz added a lot with subtle drum accents (making perfect use of the contact mic I had built earlier in the day with my kids), and doubling up on vocals. My old 83' Yamaha via an 83' Fender Concert lent to the spaciousness of the recording also. As much as I enjoy stacking sound upon sound when crafting a recording, there is no substitute for an intimate live performance.
With the warmest colors we could summon (shot on Allison's phone, no less), here is our new video for "Hand of My Master"!

Pup, best friend & farm-dog makes a well-deserved appearance, as he initiated the thought process responsible for it all- what an old soul he is.

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