"no any walls adept songwriting rings truer and truer in our ever-distressed world... there is solace and encouragement to be found in such earnest representations of our shared struggles, hopes and anxieties."

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A Linear Painting In Time_oolipop 001 & 002 

Finally, a proper release for a favorite collection of songs! Originally intended as an exercise in finding my bearings and setting a trajectory as an artist, I've now completed six companion videos to match the lo-fi aesthetic and broaden the experience. Lyrics guide on screen over scenes of imperial spacings, pastoral labors, interior prisons, and aimless snowy drives. This album is a precursor, tracing back to my aural origins. Lo-fi hissing, folksy and warm, experimental meanderings. The present moment mingles with a persistent sense of nostalgia retelling old tales, and finding new ones through sounds and imagery of indicative portent. At one point a favorite listen of one of my favorite persons, who generously referred to the then un-named collection as "A Linear Painting In Time", I am pleased to offer this very personal work to you, now.  

Digital download, CD, or Limited Edition Cassette available November 19, 2016. Order Here! 
Videos will publish over the next few seasons. Here is the first:

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